Peter Turnham

My journey towards becoming a novelist has certainly been slow to start and unconventional; nothing in my background hinted in that direction. My education as a dyslexic kid in a London secondary modern school was not exactly distinguished. My business career in dental technology was rather more successful. Then I took the rather rash decision to retire at the tender age of forty-six in order to build my own house in the Cotswolds, to breed a few trout, and to be involved with fly fishing. As reckless as that decision might have been, it was well over twenty years ago now, and we’re still here. We are not really self-sufficient, but my wife Carol and I manage and maintain everything ourselves.


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Peter’s Books

None Stood Taller

This book is a window into Britain’s secret wartime past, step through it and this inspirational story of life and love will make your heart soar.



It is March 1941, large swathes of the East End of London lie in ruins. Lily Heywood is just one more victim of the Blitz, lying beneath the rubble of her home. An unbreakable spirit, this is not the end for Lily, it is merely the beginning. Defying the expectations of her background and social class, she embarks upon an incredible journey that will take her from the ashes of the Blitz to the very top of the British wartime establishment.


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None Stood Taller – The Final Year

Step back once again into Britain’s wartime past. Relive the final year of WW2 and this inspirational story of courage, life, and love, will make your heart soar.



The story continues from June 6th, 1944. The sun has finally set upon one of the most momentous events in British history. For Lily Heywood, and Edward, Lord Middlebourne, D-Day marked the culmination of three years of intensive research and ultimately crushing responsibility. SOE Station M has completed its work.

This might have signalled the end of the intelligence unit’s wartime involvement. Events, however, conspire otherwise. Hitler’s vengeance weapons prove to be a threat worthy of Station M’s special skills. This is the world that shapes Lily’s life.


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None Stood Taller The Price of Freedom

A reluctant hero who pays the price of freedom.



In 1941 when Dorothy Archer saw the opportunity to serve her country, she didn’t hesitate. A woman escaping her past, she had no prospects, nothing to lose. Perhaps destiny dictated that the Special Operations Executive should recognise the very special talents that even Dotty is unaware of. A charismatic personality, she can be flirtatious and charming, but also proves to be a fearless assassin!


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Autumn Daffodils: Charlie’s Story

Take a seat on this fast moving, emotional roller-coaster ride!


Charlie's Story Autumn Daffodils front cover


You will be plunged into despair one moment, and elevated towards tearful joy the next, and all laced with a gentle humour. Five extraordinary people, having retired early in order to escape their past, find themselves reliving the very past they came to the “Village” to forget. Their individual backgrounds could not be more different. What unites the group is the guilt, shame and sorrow they have each tried so hard to leave behind.

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Autumn Daffodils: Joanna’s Story

Joanna will break your heart – but you will forgive her!


Joanna's Story Autumn Daffodils front cover


The first Autumn Daffodils story – Charlie’s Story – left you emotionally drained. If you thought the emotional roller-coaster could go no higher, you were wrong! Enter Joanna! She doesn’t so much walk off the page as burst out of it. This emotional white-knuckle ride slows down for neither the curves nor the dips; it only stops with the final word. You will laugh and you will cry in equal measure; Joanna will take your breath away!


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Peter has more work in progress – if you’d like a sneak preview of what’s to come, please

read this blog post.