And a truly wonderful review from someone known as Nosenabook!

Peter has just seen this wonderful Review on his Amazon page for the e-book Box Set of the “None Stood Taller” series, and if the person who wrote it ever reads this, be assured Peter is very grateful for such kind words. The person signs in as Nosenabook; thank you very much indeed!
5.0 out of 5 stars Truly inspiring, educational and totally engrossing. Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2024
Being American I was taught the history of our country and World War II from an American ethnocentric perspective. We were conditioned to having a respectful disregard for Britain because of our struggle for independence during the Revolutionary War. Regarding WWII we learned the highlights of the battles in which America took active part. There was also a focus on Hitler and the atrocities committed under his regime. However, England’s incredible contributions were summarily ignored.
Recently after having my DNA analyzed I have learned that 73% of my genes are from Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland and so I have been exploring these areas of history to learn more about my ancestors. After reading around 30 books set in Britain during WWII I have to say this is by far my favorite series. I highly recommend it to other Americans and anyone interested in this era. The author’s writing style is profoundly engaging. I have learned so much about the events of WWII and the challenges that faced the people of Britain. These events are shared in a logical progression and from the perspective of an East End woman who is challenged to overcome her past. I learned about the war from these 3 books but I learned even more about the determination, grit and unyielding spirit of the British. I never truly understood what a huge debt we Americans owe them. The perseverance of the British held off Hitler’s evil and prevented a full assault on America! I’m now grateful and totally in awe of the sacrifices made throughout all levels of British society.
The characters are so real that I felt I was there with them. There are so many inspiring thoughts, phrases, and insights that I have been motivated to do an examination of conscious and change my world view. The author has embedded so many levels of our being including physical, emotional and spiritual in a beautifully written style. I have come away grateful to the Brits and for any of their tenacious character embedded in my DNA. I am truly inspired and determined to leave behind the failures of my past and embrace new goals for my future. if Lily can do it so can we all! “”

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