Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

I am inspired to write today because two teenage tennis players have just competed in the Final of the American Open. Neither of them should have been there. Neither of them had the experience nor the ranking to be anywhere near the Final. If I wrote a novel about an eighteen-year-old British girl who had […]

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Book Reviews

Book Reviews  The Good The Bad And The Ugly I thank everyone who has posted a review for one of my books. I read every one. At their best, a well-considered review is really helpful for any author. At their worst, they can be soul-destroying. Obviously when one reviewer says it is the best book […]

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17th June 2021. Latest news

Just to let you know that yesterday afternoon, Peter finished writing the sequel to “None Stood Taller”. It starts on the day after D-Day, and continues Lily’s story up to the end of the war. Of course, we still have all the proof reading, editing, and publishing to do yet, plus come up with a […]

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Peter Turnham - work in progress

Work in Progress

October 2022 “None Stood Taller The Price of Freedom” is the third novel I have written in the “None Stood Taller” series. The first two books follow Lily, an East End girl, from the Blitz of 1941 to VE Day, her life, loves, and friends including her greatest friend Dorothy, known as Dotty. This new […]

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Author’s Inside Track: None Stood Taller

Following my previous two books, it was very tempting when considering a new novel to continue with the same characters. However, I wanted to write something different, a new challenge. I decided upon World War Two as the backdrop to my story, and a young woman as my principal character. My initial idea was a […]

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Harry's Falklands Kit

Book Group Questions for Charlie’s Story

How quickly (or not) did “Charlie’s Story” engage you? At what point did you realise “Charlie’s Story” was really all about Charlie? Did you feel a connection to all the characters, and which ones particularly stood out for you? What was your initial impression of Stanley in “Charlie’s Story”? Did you later notice how you […]

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