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Book Group Questions for Joanna’s Story

  1. How quickly did you become engaged with the book?
  2. Did you expect Joanna and Charlie to get together, or were you taken in by the various deceptions?
  3. Bearing in mind that the author is a man, is the female characterisation convincing?
  4. Did the Molly/Joanna relationship work for you?
  5. Did you feel a connection with all the characters? Which were your favourites?
  6. What were your feelings about Joanna?
  7. Did you specifically enjoy the fast pace of the book?
  8. The book tries (as in “Charlie’s Story”) to explore a more serious narrative, layered within the story. Does it succeed?
  9. Did the age of the characters have any bearing on the story for you?
  10. Does the ending maintain its surprise for you?
  11. Would you describe the book as a “page turner”?
  12. How would you describe your overall feeling about the book?
  13. Do you feel “Joanna’s Story” can be successful as a stand-alone novel, or is it diminished without “Charlie’s Story”?

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