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Book Group Questions for Charlie’s Story

How quickly (or not) did “Charlie’s Story” engage you? At what point did you realise “Charlie’s Story” was really all about Charlie? Did you feel a connection to all the characters, and which ones particularly stood out for you? What was your initial impression of Stanley in “Charlie’s Story”? Did you later notice how you […]

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The disastrous picnic

Author’s Inside Track: Charlie’s Story

I was amazed how rapidly I became attached to Charlie. I found him to be an endearing character who seemed to be telling his own story. Stanley is based on an old friend of mine, Rex and, believe it or not, all those anecdotes are true. I have tried to create a bit of mystery […]

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Audrey's ancestral home

Book Group Questions for Joanna’s Story

How quickly did you become engaged with the book? Did you expect Joanna and Charlie to get together, or were you taken in by the various deceptions? Bearing in mind that the author is a man, is the female characterisation convincing? Did the Molly/Joanna relationship work for you? Did you feel a connection with all […]

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Alexei's yacht

Author’s Inside Track: Joanna’s Story

I didn’t set out to write a two-part story, but the moment I typed Charlie’s dramatic ending, it was inevitable. It was obvious as soon as I thought about it. This was an opportunity for something a bit special. If I was desperate to find out about Joanna, I knew that the reader would be […]

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