Joanna’s Story

Joanna's Story Autumn Daffodils front cover

Joanna will break your heart – but you will forgive her!

The first Autumn Daffodils story – Charlie’s Story – left you emotionally drained. If you thought the emotional roller-coaster could go no higher, you were wrong! Enter Joanna! She doesn’t so much walk off the page as burst out of it. This emotional white-knuckle ride slows down for neither the curves nor the dips; it only stops with the final word. You will laugh and you will cry in equal measure; Joanna will take your breath away!

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Joanna has had no contact with Charlie for the past thirty years. She lives in America, where she has become the self-styled “Queen of Washington”, while he is content with his quiet life in England. When Joanna dramatically re-enters Charlie’s life, she reveals a thirty-year old secret of which he knew nothing. His life, and those of his friends, is turned inexorably upside down. They have only two things in common; their shared secret and their undying love for each other. Separate lives and an ocean stand between them. Joanna sweeps all before her, despite the trail of broken hearts she leaves in her wake. She will most probably break your heart too, but you will forgive her, whatever she does!

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ISBN details for Joanna’s Story:
eBook         978-1-9160979-2-6
Paperback    978-1-9160979-3-3

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