Charlie’s Story

Charlie's Story Autumn Daffodils front cover

Take a seat on this fast moving, emotional roller-coaster ride!

You will be plunged into despair one moment, and elevated towards tearful joy the next, and all laced with a gentle humour. Five extraordinary people, having retired early in order to escape their past, find themselves reliving the very past they came to the “Village” to forget. Their individual backgrounds could not be more different. What unites the group is the guilt, shame and sorrow they have each tried so hard to leave behind.

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As compelling as each of the characters proves to be, it gradually emerges that Charlie doesn’t just narrate the story. He is the story. His tragic account of lost love propels the roller-coaster to its highest point, before it plunges towards its totally unexpected conclusion. The ride is not over until the very last word, and that final word will leave you utterly breathless!

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ISBN details for Charlie’s Story:
eBook      978-1-9160979-0-2
Paperback    978-1-9160979-1-9

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