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Book Group Questions for Charlie’s Story

  1. How quickly (or not) did “Charlie’s Story” engage you?
  2. At what point did you realise “Charlie’s Story” was really all about Charlie?
  3. Did you feel a connection to all the characters, and which ones particularly stood out for you?
  4. What was your initial impression of Stanley in “Charlie’s Story”? Did you later notice how you were misdirected?
  5. Did you assume that Charlie and Audrey would eventually get together?
  6. The age of the characters is not mentioned. There are just two small exceptions; did you notice them?
  7. Did the age of the characters have any bearing on the story for you?
  8. Did you enjoy the humorous content of the books?
  9. The story tries to explore a more serious narrative layered within the story. Does it succeed?
  10. What was your overall impression of the book?
  11. How did you react to the ending of the book?
  12. The book is written in first-person dialogue. We only see it through Charlie’s eyes. Does this work for you?

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