None Stood Taller The Price of Freedom – published at last

This book both concludes the “None Stood Taller” series, and provides an introduction for new readers.

In 1941 when Lily’s great friend Dorothy Archer saw the opportunity to serve her country, she didn’t hesitate. A woman escaping her past, with no prospects, she reckoned that she had nothing to lose. Perhaps destiny dictated that the Special Operations Executive should recognise the very special talents which even ‘Dotty’ is unaware of.

It is a work of fiction but is deeply rooted in historic detail and I have dedicated it to the 39 women who served in Occupied France as SOE field agents during World War Two. Dotty owes more to those 39 than to anything in my imagination.  

The contribution that the SOE made during World War Two is brought to life through the story of Dorothy Archer; her life and loves are a true reflection of the period.

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