None Stood Taller – Third in the Series!

It is 5th September 2022, and the time is fast approaching for us to publish the third book in Peter’s “None Stood Taller” series. The World War Two theme continues, and this one covers the same period –  1941 to D-Day then onwards to VE Day – as the two previous novels, but describes those same years from the point of view of Lily’s great friend, Dotty.

Our kind beta-readers have now finished their work for us and have sent their comments. and we think it will be ready for publishing by the end of this month, all being well. Peter is currently perfecting it, a word here, a word there, then it will be my final proof-reading while our cover designer helps Peter with that. It’s always an exciting stage to reach!

Watch this space! Feel free to email Peter via with your queries!

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