Published at last!

Hi everybody – we published the kindle version of “None Stood Taller, The Final Year” on 14th, and it is available online from Amazon. And today, 18th, we have added the paperback and the hardback versions – they are still ‘In Review’ but should be available in the next day or so. Our next job is to upload the paperback to a different company, so that it will also be available to order and buy from ‘proper book stores’! We hope you enjoy this continuation of Lily’s story. Cheers for now. Carol, for Peter.

7 thoughts on “Published at last!”

  1. Thank you! I last checked on availability in early September, so your email announcement is both timely and welcome. Duly downloaded. Off to read now…

    1. Thanks Kitty – we’ve just heard that the hardback is now available, and are waiting to hear when the paperback publishing is complete!

  2. This is the best news today. I re-read the first one last week to remind me of the story and characters so this news is well received. I enjoyed None Stood Taller when it was released and after second reading also so can’t wait to get stuck in to the sequel. I’ll comment after I’ve read it.

    1. Hello again Christine – thank you so much for your comments! Apparently the hardback is now available, but we are still waiting, as at Monday morning UK time, for Amazon to confirm that the paperback is too, then it’s all out there – next job is to upload to another printer, so it can also be ordered through ‘proper bookshops’!

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