Third time of reading “None Stood Taller”

May 2023 and I have just received a wonderful email from a lady who has now read the first two of the “None Stood Taller” series three times each. She kindly says that she is completely overwhelmed with Edward and Lily; they live in her mind for days and even weeks each time she reads their story. I quote: “Thank you for this compelling story of WWII and the contributions of those who served in secret as well as those everyday citizens and military personnel who stood defiantly to save us from the ‘rabid dog’; their love story is truly beautiful.” As I wrote in my emailed reply direct to her, it is truly rewarding to receive such an email – what every author wants is for the reader to experience the books in the same way as the author intended. I am so pleased that so many of my readers agree and that they let me know; it’s always great to hear from you! Many thanks indeed to Joan M. Kind regards, Peter T.

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