17th June 2021. Latest news

Just to let you know that yesterday afternoon, Peter finished writing the sequel to “None Stood Taller”. It starts on the day after D-Day, and continues Lily’s story up to the end of the war. Of course, we still have all the proof reading, editing, and publishing to do yet, plus come up with a good title for the new book! It will be available to order in bookshops once it is published, as well as being sold via Amazon. We have recently arranged for “None Stood Taller” to also be available in bookshops. Sorry to keep you waiting, but we are working hard to publish the sequel! Keep safe.

3 thoughts on “17th June 2021. Latest news”

    1. Yes, Angela, the book about Dottie is on its way; probably to be published early or mid summer 2022. Thanks for asking!

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