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October 2022

“None Stood Taller The Price of Freedom” is the third novel I have written in the “None Stood Taller” series. The first two books follow Lily, an East End girl, from the Blitz of 1941 to VE Day, her life, loves, and friends including her greatest friend Dorothy, known as Dotty. This new novel has all the detailed twists and turns of Lily’s great friend Dotty’s life during World War Two as an SOE field agent. Running concurrent in time with the first two books “None Stood Taller” and “None Stood Taller The Final Year”, this latest addition can actually be a stand-alone book without spoiling the story in the other two novels if being read first, or it can be read as the third book in the series. 

October 2021

I have just published my follow-up book “None Stood Taller, The Final Year”, which I hope will be enjoyed as much as the first story about Lily Heywood, whose life changed so dramatically after she was just one more victim of the London Blitz in 1941. The character Dotty, who is one of Lily’s greatest friends, seems to demand a book of her own, so watch this space for news of that

‘None Stood Taller’  ………… The Sequel.

Lots of kind readers have asked about the follow-up book. ‘None Stood Taller’ has been exceptionally well received, many of the UK comments have been really gratifying. The common theme seems to be that readers have taken Lily to their hearts and want to find out about her relationship with Edward. The other often mentioned comment concerns the historic detail of the war and of life at the time. What I didn’t expect was for readers to empathise so closely with the atmosphere and hardship of the war years, and the historical details. I am still not sure where the balance lies between fact and fiction. Clearly there is the risk of alienating one group of readers in favour of the other.

The follow-up book is exactly that, it takes up the story from the day after D-Day. The plan is to continue Lily’s story through to the end of the war; I am currently about half way on that journey. I have delved deep into the historical record about the V1 and V2 vengeance weapons which had the potential to change the course of the war. Station M plays a pivotal role in that regard. I am also trying to capture more of the detailed progress of the Allied forces in Normandy, and the sense of desperation felt by the British people.

Against that backdrop, Lily has to resolve the love triangle she finds herself in. Edward’s sister Lady Elizabeth comes home from America, and Lily immediately finds herself in conflict with her. Lady Beatrice remains a marriage contender, much to Lily’s consternation. There are many challenges for Lily to overcome, not least her continued struggle with her inner demons. The conflict concerning her true father finally comes to the surface. Dotty emerges as a war hero, and Florence becomes a significant character. Lily finally achieves her life’s ambition to sing in a concert. And that is just the story so far! 

The success of ‘None Stood Taller’ has been nothing less than inspiring. I now want to continue Lily’s story and take it to new heights. When will it be available? With any luck early this summer. Sign up to be notified when it becomes available and please give me your feedback.

October 2020

The “None Stood Taller” story developed into so many layers, by the time I arrived at D-Day it was obvious that to continue on to VE Day would require another novel.  I didn’t set out to do so, but I hope you will agree that it is inevitable.  I deliberately left Lily’s relationship with Greg hanging in the air. I introduced the ‘marriage contender’ as well as Florence’s new situation. There is also much more to Lily’s strange childhood, and the mysterious Uncle George. And the astute reader will remember that Edward’s sister Lady Elizabeth was portrayed as a ‘difficult’ person. These are just a few of the avenues I intend to pursue in the follow-up novel.

My initial idea is that the threat from the V1 flying bomb, and later the V2, provide the catalyst for Station M to regroup. The repercussions from the V1 threat become immediate and all too apparent for Lily.  Lady Elizabeth is rushed home from America, and Lily finds her life in turmoil, confronted by both her and Lady Beatrice.  Lily will need all her courage and determination to deal with her personal life while she ensures Station M completes its task.  Tragedy once again visits itself upon her, as well as a new challenge which she could not envisage. Can Lily really step into danger as a field agent with Dotty at her side? If special circumstances dictate, perhaps she can.  I have no idea, but I will invite Lily during the winter of 2020/21 to sit next to me and write her own story.




23 thoughts on “Work in Progress”

  1. Hello, I am an avid reader of historical fiction from post-WWI through WWII. The characters in None Stood Taller came to life as the story developed, and the historical background is obviously well researched and factual. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, but was a bit taken aback by the sudden jump to a 1980 reunion as it left me with a number of questions about the lives of the characters between D-Day and 1980. However, I am delighted to see that the follow-up book will soon be published and will tie up the loose ends and answer all those questions. I am really looking forward to it.

    1. Hello Carol. Thanks for your comments and we are glad you liked the book! We updated the original None Stood Taller a while ago, once we realised Peter’s progress on writing “N.S.T., The Final Year” was going well, and now the Introduction ends with “This is the story which Lily tries to describe to Charlie”, and Chapter One now starts with Lily talking to him, the first words are “It was a terrible time, Charlie; we lived in constant fear of our lives…….” When “None Stood Taller” was written, and being relatively new to writing books, Peter didn’t know for sure that he would write a follow-up!! But he did! And we hope all versions of the new book will be out in a few days’ time.
      From Carol T.

  2. Hi! Just finished “None Stood Taller”. Anxiously awaiting the next book! What a GREAT read. Masterfully written.

  3. None Stood Taller is a wonderful read! The characters are so engaging, descriptions vivid and I swear I could feel the tension in Hut 3! Looking forward to the sequel. Hope it’s still on track for the end of this month.

  4. None Stood Taller is a fantastic book. I’ve read it twice! Waiting for the sequel. It’s the end of the summer. Not here yet. You must be still writing it. On the edge of my seat!!! I know that it will be a good one. Can’t wait to find out what happens to Lily!I

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  5. I just finished reading None Stood Taller. I’ve visited the different landing beaches in Normandy and could picture the events happening as I was reading your book. I cannot wait to read the sequel!

    1. Many thanks for your comments. We are working hard on the sequel, which will start on the following day after D-Day. Keep safe till then!

  6. please continue ,i cant wait ,had to pick daffodils till you complete you task ,. loving it thank you so much, e. fitz

  7. Thank you for subtly revealing Lily’s choice of life partner during the 1980 Reunion chapter; I was surprised some reviewers had not read between those lines and still wondered. Or am I being presumptuous after all?

    I learned much about WWll, having been a casual student of history. Learning happens so much more easily when couched in brightly drawn, very human characters and narrated with accuracy. Thank you also, therefore, for what must have been interminable research.

    Finally, may I make one suggestion? It was easy to tell your gender from otherwise nicely written descriptions. Just be sure your reader’s senses are engaged. Make sure one can taste the food, whether bland or delicious; and visualize your characters in full color. That lovely green dress was perfectly described, as was the yellow coat. But I kept waiting for you to reveal colors of many other garments; that pretty gown given to the grateful young Florence, or the rainbow surely created by the two young women as they descended the stairs together; or the rich hues no doubt sported by the mature reunion celebrants.

    Please know nevertheless that I look forward to reading all of your excellent works; hopefully many in the years to come

  8. Thank you so much for such an inspirational, nail biting, romantic book. I have visited the beaches in Normandy and a Canadian family member survived Juno. But the detail of preparing for D-Day was enthralling. My only dismay was arriving at the reunion without the detail of how Lily ended up where she did. And what a huge relief that Mrs Bartlett arrived. I’m delighted that you haven’t left Lily and Florence incomplete, and I am reassured that those details are being brought to life now. I can’t wait. Meanwhile, I might just have to get hold of some daffodils to keep me in going . I have bought my husband the paperback version as I read it on kindle. I know he will be enthralled by Lily and her courageous companions and enjoy it as much as I have.

  9. Have just finished None stood taller & can’t wait for the sequel to tie up all the loose ends. In the meantime I will content myself with Autumn Daffodils, Charlie’s story then Joannas story.

    1. So pleased you are enjoying the book, Jenny. I’m already working on the next one, which will be a sequel to ‘None Stood Taller’!!
      Regards, Peter

      1. Such a stirring novel! The history lived in my mind. Lily’s growth amidst her low self esteem is inspiring. The voice of Lily too was especially touching for me as I am a singer with some vocal training and was touched by her duet with one of my favorite composers, Cole Porter! Only Gershwin tops him in my humble opinion. The self doubt is challenged and conquered… very up lifting. Looking forward to the sequel. Extraordinary characters!

        1. Hi Joan – Thanks for your enquiry; we are working very hard on finishing and perfecting the next book and hope it will be out and published by the end of September! Back to work…!

        2. Hello Joan – Sorry for the delay – we have our heads down, in deep concentration! I will most certainly let you know when the sequel is ready – hoping for late September if all goes to plan! Regards.

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